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Friends of the environment

Every day we work in close contact with nature and the environment surrounding us. That is why we care about them: only respecting the land that was cultivated by generations of farmers before us and combining the use of modern technologies with traditional practices, we can achieve high quality products.

The years go by, generations of farmers follow one after the other, innovation are continuously made in the fruit and vegetable sector, but something remains unchanged in Granfrutta Zani: the respect for the environment and the land surrounding us. If we want to get high quality fruit, we must first of all be respectful towards nature that yields it to us. For this reason, care and protection for the environment are a priority in all our daily activities: we produce fruit and vegetables with pest management control techniques and most of them are Global Gap certified (Good Agricultural Practice), a standard bearing witness to our commitment to ensure safe products for consumers, traceability and environmentally-friendliness.

A value shared by everyone

All our members share this special care for the land: every growing phase is carefully followed and improved by combining the use of advanced technologies and farmers’ traditional working methods. Every detail is followed-up and only products overcoming all controls (carried out through thousands of analyses on plant protection products in certified laboratories) can reach the table of our consumers. We so deeply believe in the protection and safeguard of our land that in 2010 we installed an approximately 6,000 sqm photovoltaic plant in Bagnacavallo, near our facilities, that generates more than 1 million Kw of solar energy per year.

The commitment of photovoltaics against gas emissions

This is another important step forward towards a greater environmental sustainability that was taken by our co-operative company: the photovoltaic plant in Bagnocavallo, along with that in Monte Sant’Andrea inaugurated at the beginning of 2014, allows us to lower gas emissions and provides a tangible example of environmental sustainability: electricity is produced by converting solar energy, i.e. a renewable source, helping reducing consumption and therefore energy production from fossil fuels. Currently the two plants satisfy about 25% of our energy needs and will allow us to save 14,900 tons of carbon dioxide over 20 years. This is how our way of cultivating the future begins.

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