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Solatia is Granfrutta Zani’s brand that selects only the best fruit according to specific quality standards. Under this name we only distribute fruit that, year after year, can reflect the brand’s features: excellent taste, look and nutritional properties.

Only top quality fruit is Solatia.

  • exclusively premium seasonal fruit
  • grown in the places of origin only
  • high sensorial value
  • high quality taste and aroma
  • controlled supply chain
  • GlobalGAP and GRASP certified

The Solatia brand was created to highlight its sweet and pleasant taste, as well as its healthiness. A brand that has become a point of reference for those looking for really natural fruit, with a genuine flavour.

The white colour of the packaging, being rarely used in the fruit and vegetable sector, recalls the purity of the Solatia product and it is easy recognizable.
Solatia is a brand with features standing out in its sector, capable of conveying messages of good taste, nature and quality. It caters for consumers interested in purchasing guaranteed products in terms of taste, look and nutritional properties.

The guarantee covering Solatia products comes from Granfrutta Zani’s long experience in selecting fruit and carrying out controls across all the growing and distribution phases.

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