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We are very proud of the certifications we have obtained over the years and those we are about to get. They attest to how our organisation continuously works and commits to every sector in which we operate and along the entire chain, striving consistently for customer and our own satisfaction.

What we have achieved

  • certification under the BRC Standard for the S. Andrea and Bagnacavallo factories;
  • GLOBAL CAP option 1 and 2 certification for most of our associated companies;
  • IGP certification for the Granfrutta Zani facilities and those of the farms for production and sale of Romagna Peaches, Nectarines and Pears;
  • Tesco Nurture option 1 Certification.

Future commitment

Granfrutta Zani is consistently committed in the development and increasing the production certified as “Global Gap” and “Tesco Nurture” in the associated farms, so the information provided above should be thought of as continuously evolving. For 2011 we’ll certify Granfrutta Zani under Tesco Nurture option 2, along with other farms.

Our commitment means we are constantly improving ourselves in the pursuit of very precise goals, and reaching these goals guarantees our customers that they have found a reliable, solid, winning partner.

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