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Khaki is high in energy content, it fights stress and the loss of appetite, and helps purify the liver. Its name is of Greek origin and means “Zeus’ wheat”. This is how this long-lived plant was named, with trees that can reach one century old. Such strength yields one of the most complete and nutritious fruit, among the first ones to be cultivated by Man.

Grown in Romagna, the khaki varieties of Granfrutta Zani are available from October to December.

some growers:


Packaging is the “second skin” of the fruit and we respect is as such. Our packages guarantee the preservation of the product’s sensorial properties in order to protect it and its environment. The most natural and safest protection possible.

24X40 500 GR 700/800 GR
30X50 h 9/10/11 3 FRUITS
40X60 h 9/11,5 4 FRUITS

Several packaging solutions are available. If you need more information please write to

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