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Time for apricots

From Southern Italy to Romagna, Granfrutta Zani started to pick this fleshy orange fruit a few weeks ago. This means that the prized Cot variety will be soon available on our tables.

In the countryside of Policoro in Basilicata and Battipaglia in Campania, Granfrutta Zani apricot harvesting began just a few weeks ago: more exactly in late May, when the first signs of the upcoming summer and fruit ripening made it possible. In the following days, the countryside in Romagna, in the area of Faenza and Forlì, also became busy: it’s time for apricots (summer is at our doorstep).

Cot apricots: superior quality

Delicate, tasty and sweet, apricots enclose the colours and flavours of summertime. In recent years, their demand has grown: consumption keeps increasing and this is also thanks to the brilliant variety research activities that brought very colourful, larger sized and intensely sweet fruit to our tables. An example? The apricots of the cot variety, with their superior sensorial qualities and a long harvest time extending up to late August: an amazing result, if you think that apricot-picking ended around the 20th July in the past.

From field harvest to packaging: Ganfrutta Zani takes care of all steps

Harvest is just one of the strengths of Granfrutta Zani apricots: fruit is placed in 15/16 kg crates rather than in conventional bins with a larger capacity to better preserve it. Although harvesting costs are higher, this certainly ensures superior quality. Then apricots are brought from the farmland to the warehouse where fruit is selected and packaged according to customer’s requests and delivered within a time period ranging from 48 hours to two weeks. Here again, high attention is given to quality: apricots are stored in cold stores for a few days, an operation that allows to reduce acidity in fruit giving it a more intense sweetness.

Premium apricots: great taste and guaranteed quality

Then the best apricots are selected as premium fruit: the selection is based on parameters such as external look, size, sugar content and ripening (which means that they are ready to eat). Fruit is packaged in trays bearing the Solatia high quality  brand or the private labels of large distribution chains that have chosen the quality and special taste of our fruit.

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