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The best way to know Granfrutta Zani’s members is tasting their fruit. It is through their fruit that members make their voice heard and transmit passion for their work.

Granfrutta Zani members are easily recognized thanks to the distinctive lively green colour of the cooperative’s crates and collection bins. It is the same colour that stands out during harvest time in the fields of Romagna and elsewhere in Italy where Granfrutta Zani quality brand is well-established.

alcuni dei nostri produttori:

Being part of this cooperative company means growing fruit and vegetables in highly suitable soils for specific varieties, working with passion and aiming at quality.

All members get advice and services from the cooperative company which supports them during the growing process and fruit harvest, as well as in the application procedure for obtaining quality certificates, loans and subsidies. All the services are provided by the following offices: Technical, Quality and Common Organisation of the Market (CMO).

Growers can become members of Granfrutta Zani membership with no time limits.

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