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Pink Lady®, the apple of passion

The Pink Lady® apple is the queen of fruit baskets. Delicious and juicy, it is the result of special care and attention in the fields, which are constantly guaranteed by the Pink Lady® consortium that produces it. Granfrutta Zani is a member of this consortium.

Currently the Pink Lady®  apple is considered as one of the best products available on the market. Being one of the tastiest, crispiest and juiciest varieties of apples, it can be defined as the queen of fruit baskets. The Italian production mainly takes place in Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Emilia, and it is the outcome of the work carried out by a consortium – which is also joined by Granfrutta Zani – that was established to preserve the high quality of this fruit and to guarantee the growth of all players involved in the supply chain. Authorized nurserymen, farmers, producers and distributors got together with the goal of creating an atypical, innovative and passionate supply chain for this apple. But how is this fruit produced?

Pink Lady®: an apple with unique features

In order to grow a Pink Lady® apple you need love, knowledge, as well as sacrifice and hard work: the 57 farmers who produce it as members of our co-operative company are fully aware of this. They respect and share the values and the commitment that provide the foundation for the growth of the Pink Lady® apples. They only grow in suitable high-quality land where sun exposure is excellent. They require seven months of great care in the orchards before reaching consumers’ table. Harvest is a delicate process too: it is carried out completely by hand; each apple is lifted with a lot of precautions and rotated by one quarter of a turn. Only if it comes loose easily it is considered ripe and ready to be picked.

Granfrutta Zani and the distribution of Pink Lady® apples

Perché la mela della passione non può deludere tutti i suoi amanti.The careful selection of Pink Lady® apples does not end here. Later on, during the storage process performed in our facilities, only the Pink Lady® apples showing all the distinctive outer and quality-related features of this variety such as colour, hardness, sugar content, are selected. They are the result of a painstaking work that constantly guarantees their authenticity and excellent taste.

Because the apple of passion cannot disappoint all its lovers!

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