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A quality company

In order to produce premium quality fruit, you need to constantly oversee each production phase. And not only that: this is a work – and a method – that starts with variety selection and continues with the processes in our plants, Enrico Foschini, the company’s Head of Quality, says.

The search for quality is a long journey. It starts in the land, in the fields where farmers work every day, and continues until the product reaches the supermarket shelves, and finally the consumers’ table. It concerns every single operation within Granfrutta Zani, as Enrico Foschini, our company’s Head of Quality, explains. “In order to produce high quality premium fruit, you need to work hard on the product and on processes. Of course, the first step is choosing the variety to grow: that is why we vigorously invest in innovation and variety research activities on peaches, plums, apples and other fruit types”.

Variety research is one the first steps towards product quality

“Working on breeders, we try to select products that are tasty, have good sensorial properties –  Enrico goes on –  and that can keep well: we can truly offer a good service to our customers only if we prevent them from throwing away half of the product on the day following purchase”. After selecting the best variety, we test it on the field with our nurserymen and we try to develop it. The quest for the utmost quality for our product is key to Granfrutta Zani: that is why we have joined consortia such as that for Pink Lady® apples or for  Metis plums, which strive to protect and promote high quality fruit in the best possible way. Let’s not forget Emilia Romagna’s Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) pears, another certified premium product that we are proud to grow”.

From the field to the warehouse: certified work processes

In our plants as well, the keyword will be: quality. “Every new batch of fruit that enters the warehouse is checked – Enrico explains – and other controls take place in every phase of the processes within the plant such as re-calibration and packaging. We have to avoid fruit with defects, that is why we carefully check sugar content, hardness, acidity and, in some cases, colour too”. Our workers’ activities are also submitted to constant checks: there are people in charge of making sure that the staff follows hygienic good practices, that plants are clean and comply with regulations, that the tools being used can work properly.

Global Gap certification

Thanks to the high quality level reached, Granfrutta Zani was granted the Global Gap certification, among the most important ones at international level, that establishes good farming practices for a healthy and safe product: “about 120 farms working with our cooperative company and 70% of our production are  Global Gap – the Head of Quality concludes – and it is likely that this percentage will further increase since we are committed to grow and stand out all the more on the market with top-level premium fruit”. It is really true: quality always pays off.

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